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Costume Options (Must be purchase with a Baseline Costume )

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Male Baseline Costume

Costume Deposit and Payment Details


Flexible Deposit Options:
We understand that flexibility is key when planning for your costume. To accommodate your needs, we offer the following convenient deposit options:

  • 75% Deposit: Secure your costume with a 75% deposit using coupon code 75DEPOSIT2024.
  • 50% Deposit: Opt for a 50% deposit with coupon code 50DEPOSIT2024.

Deposit Overview:
The initial deposit covers 50% of the total costume cost. The remainder can then be paid in two manageable installments.

Easy Payment Schedule:

  1. First Installment: Pay 50% of the costume’s total cost upfront as a deposit.
  2. Second Installment: Pay 25% of the total cost (half of the remaining balance).
  3. Final Installment: Pay the remaining 25% of the total cost.

Example Payment Breakdown for a Costume Priced at $920:

  • First Payment: $460 (Deposit)
  • Second Payment: $230
  • Final Payment: $230

Completion of Payment and Costume Collection:

  • All payments should be completed by Thursday, July 28th.
  • We will inform you of the specific date and location for costume pick-up via email or text. Typically, pick-up is scheduled one week to a few days before the parade.

Additional Information:

  • After making your deposit, an invoice will be emailed to you.
  • You will be contacted to arrange the pick-up of your costume after the final payment.

Our payment plan is designed to be flexible and supportive, ensuring you can secure your costume without any hassle. Make your first payment today, and let us handle the rest!



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