Pre - Registration

  • What is pre – registration & what are the benefits?

  1.   Pre – registration hold your spot on our priority list for Allure Carnivals costumes for 2024 Toronto & Miami Carnival!

  • Cost:

  1. Pre – registration fee as a non-refundable $150.

  2. This 150.00 also goes towards the balance for your costume deposit / package.

  • Time line:

  1. From the time you pay the pre reg fee, you will have until July 23th to pay the remainder of your costume deposit, Before your priority expires.

  • How much is deposit:

  1. The costumes will be viewable after the Band Launch, you can make your selection, Deposits are half of the costumes cost.  

  2. Limited pre – registration spots are open please feel free to msg (647) 391 – 9049 / (647) 287 – 6451 or email us if you have any questions and or want more details on full process!

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