BHP “ Poison Ivy” Ultra - Bodywear


BHP “ Poison Ivy” Ultra – Bodywear



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Poison Ivy Ultra Bodywear Costume

Overview: Unleash the enthralling power of nature with the “Poison Ivy” Ultra Bodywear costume. Crafted for the bold and spirited carnival enthusiast, this costume embodies the essence of nature’s captivating guardian, perfect for those who wish to stand out at Caribana.


  • Feathered Headpiece: A majestic headpiece adorned with lush feathers, setting the tone for an ensemble inspired by the wild.
  • Feathered Necklace: An elaborate feathered necklace that enhances the mystical appeal of the costume.
  • Wire Bra: A beautifully crafted wire bra that combines style, support, and intricate design.
  • Full Sleeves: Flowing full sleeves that move with grace, capturing the spirit of the wilderness.
  • Feathered Leg Pieces: Elegant feathered leg pieces that add dynamic movement and style.
  • Decorated Panty: A complementing decorated panty that ensures both comfort and allure.
  • Ultra Backpack: A breathtaking ultra backpack with expansive, eye-catching features that make a bold statement.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Step into Caribana as “Poison Ivy,” a symbol of nature’s untamed elegance and power. With this Ultra Bodywear costume, transform into an icon of carnival artistry, leading the festivities with a presence that is both enchanting and formidable. Embrace your inner “Poison Ivy” this season and captivate everyone with your spectacular display of carnival spirit.

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