BHP “ Poison Ivy” Ultra-Frontline


BHP “ Poison Ivy” Ultra-Frontline



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Poison Ivy Ultra-Frontline Costume – Embrace the Enchantment of Nature’s Seductress

Overview: Unveil the allure of the wilderness with our “Poison Ivy” Ultra-Frontline costume. This exquisite ensemble is designed for the bold and spirited carnival enthusiast who wishes to embody the essence of nature’s most captivating guardian. As part of the Ultra-Frontline collection, this costume offers an intricate, luxurious expression of carnival spirit and style.


  • Feathered Headpiece: A sumptuously feathered headpiece that commands attention and celebrates the wild beauty of nature.
  • Feathered Necklace: A matching feathered necklace that cascades over your shoulders, adding layers of elegance and mystique.
  • Wire Bra: A beautifully crafted wire bra with intricate details that provide both support and a stunning visual centerpiece.
  • Full Sleeves: Dramatic full sleeves made from lush materials that flow with every movement, enhancing your every gesture with grace and fluidity.
  • Feathered Leg Pieces: Coordinating feathered leg pieces that accentuate your strides, creating a seamless look of dynamic beauty.
  • Decorated Panty: A meticulously decorated panty that balances style and comfort, ensuring you shine from every angle.
  • Ultra Backpack: The costume’s showstopper, an ultra backpack designed with expansive, dramatic features that mirror the grandeur of nature’s own designs.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Step into Caribana as “Poison Ivy,” a symbol of nature’s untamed elegance and power. With this Ultra-Frontline costume, you’re not just participating in the carnival; you’re leading it with a presence that’s both enchanting and formidable.

Reserve your “Poison Ivy” Ultra-Frontline costume today and transform into a spectacle of carnival artistry and the profound mystery of the natural world.

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