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BHP “Shimmer” Backline



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Overview: Radiate the joy and allure of the “Champagne Chandelier” with the “Shimmer” Female Backline costume. Born from the heart of festivity, this ensemble embodies the sparkle of celebration and the whisper of desire, adorned in the shimmering hues of champagne that reflect the golden glow of laughter and unity. Perfect for those ready to shine with confidence and elegance at Caribana.


  • Headband: A chic and elegant headband that complements the sparkling theme of the costume, enhancing its festive allure.
  • Necklace: A beautifully crafted necklace that catches the light, adding depth and sparkle to your ensemble.
  • Decorated Semi-Padded Bra: A semi-padded bra adorned with glittering decorations that emphasize the costume’s luxurious appeal, echoing the celebration’s vibrancy.
  • Leg Pieces: Coordinated leg pieces decorated to extend the shimmering motif, ensuring every step is filled with grace and style.
  • Decorated Panty: A beautifully decorated panty that completes the look, ensuring both style and comfort as you move with the rhythm of the carnival.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Step into Caribana wearing the “Shimmer” costume and become the soul of the parade. This costume is not just an outfit but a declaration of unapologetic joy and beauty, inviting all to join in the universal dance of happiness. Embrace your role as a beacon of festivity, captivate onlookers, and let your spirit shine with every step in the “Shimmer” ensemble.

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