"Desire" Frontline Body


“Desire” Frontline Body



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Overview: Capture the essence of celebration with the “Desire” Front Line Body costume, a masterpiece designed for those who wish to embody the heart of festivity at Caribana. This exquisite ensemble is perfect for conveying the allure and seductive charm of the celebration, adorned in luxurious elements that shimmer with every movement. It’s an invitation to make a bold statement of beauty, confidence, and unapologetic joy.


  • Halo Headpiece: A majestic halo headpiece that sets a tone of elegance and grandeur, perfectly crowning your festive appearance.
  • Necklace: An ornate necklace that enhances the costume’s radiant theme, adding sophistication and sparkle.
  • Decorated Wire Bra: A beautifully adorned wire bra that captivates onlookers, designed to catch the light and enhance your festive presence.
  • Belt: A chic belt that emphasizes the waist, highlighting the costume’s intricate detailing and adding structure to the design.
  • Arm Pieces: Delicate yet dramatic feathered arm pieces that flutter enticingly with each movement, contributing to the overall allure.
  • Leg Pieces: Coordinated feathered leg pieces that extend the costume’s luxurious theme, ensuring you look stunning from every angle.
  • Decorated Panty: A tastefully decorated panty that completes the ensemble, providing style and comfort as you enjoy the carnival festivities.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Don the “Desire” Front Line Body costume and step into Caribana as the epitome of celebration’s spirit. This costume not only enhances your parade presence but also invites everyone to join in the universal dance of happiness. Are you ready to lead with joy and captivate the crowd, shining as the ultimate icon of the celebration?

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