DJS "Essence" Curvy Line Costume


DJS “Essence” Curvy Line Costume



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Overview: Embrace the vibrant spirit of Caribana with the “Essence” Curvy Line costume. Designed to celebrate and highlight curves, this ensemble combines comfort with captivating style, making it perfect for those who wish to radiate confidence and charm throughout the festivities.


  • Backline: “Lillian”
  • Headband: A chic and stylish headband that elegantly tops off the ensemble.
  • Hooded Necklace: A unique hooded necklace that adds an element of mystery and allure, setting you apart in the vibrant crowd.
  • Decorated Fully Covered Semi-Padded Bra: A semi-padded bra that provides comfort and support, beautifully decorated to sparkle under the carnival lights.
  • Feathered Arm Pieces: Lush feathered arm pieces that sway enchantingly with your movements, adding a dynamic visual flair.
  • Feathered Leg Pieces: Matching feathered leg pieces that complete the visual harmony, making every step a statement.
  • Decorated One Piece Panty or Shorts: Offering a choice between a decorated one-piece panty or shorts, both designed for full coverage and festively adorned to enhance the celebratory look.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Step into Caribana wearing the “Essence” Curvy Back Line costume and fully embody the festival’s spirit of joy and celebration. This costume is designed not just for beauty but for comfort and movement, allowing you to dance freely and stand out as an icon of style and exuberance. Join the parade, showcase your festive spirit, and let the “Essence” elevate your Caribana experience to spectacular heights.

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