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Jade Front Line Costume – Unleash the Guardian of Nature

Embrace the Mystique of Jade Ivy: Step into the magical realm of Jade Ivy, the guardian of nature, with our exclusive “Jade” Front Line costume. Designed for those who resonate with the mystical energies of jade crystals, this costume embodies harmony, protection, and prosperity. Radiate an ethereal glow and cast a spell of growth and rejuvenation as you dance through the carnival lights, leaving a mesmerizing trail of jade sparkles.


  • Feathered Headpiece: Adorn your presence with a lush, vibrant feathered headpiece that not only captivates but also symbolizes the guardian’s connection to the natural world.
  • Intricate Necklace: Complement your ensemble with an exquisitely crafted necklace that mirrors the intricate beauty of nature’s own designs.
  • Decorated Padded Bra: Feel the comfort and support of our padded bra, beautifully decorated to reflect the sparkling jade crystals embedded within your very essence.
  • Feathered Mesh Arm Pieces: Flow with the rhythm of the earth with these feathered mesh arm pieces, designed to enhance your every movement with grace.
  • Feathered Leg Pieces: Complete your guardian attire with feathered leg pieces that flutter with every step, symbolizing the freedom and spirit of nature.
  • Decorated Panty: Our decorated panty balances allure and symbolism, perfectly tailored to keep you at the heart of the carnival’s magic.
  • Frontline Backpack: Spread your wings with the frontline backpack, featuring dramatic feathered extensions that embody the might of nature.

Upgrade Option:

  • Wire Bra Upgrade: Enhance your silhouette and embrace additional support with our wire bra for an additional $20.00, reflecting the strength and resilience of Jade Ivy.

Become Jade Ivy at Caribana: Are you ready to embody the spirit of Jade Ivy? This Caribana, transform into an icon of power, beauty, and nature’s unyielding force. Join us on the streets of Toronto, where magic meets the exuberance of carnival, and let the rhythm of the earth move you. Beware the allure of Poison Ivy within, for her presence is a double-edged sword, offering fortune and playful mischief to those who dare to embrace nature’s full might.

Reserve your “Jade” Front Line costume now and step into a world where nature’s guardian reigns supreme, enchanting all with her mystical presence.

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