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“Quartz” Line Costume



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Overview: Discover the radiant elegance of the “Quartz” line, a costume that combines the mystic allure of quartz crystals with the vibrant spirit of Caribana. Designed for those who seek to embody the luminous qualities of quartz, this ensemble offers a blend of luxury and enchantment, perfect for making a memorable impression at the carnival.


  • Hooded Necklace: A stunning hooded necklace that encapsulates the mystical appeal of quartz, serving as a captivating focal point.
  • Head Band: A chic head band that complements the costume’s crystal theme, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Decorated Quartz Wire Bra: A beautifully crafted wire bra decorated with quartz-like embellishments that catch the light and mesmerize onlookers.
  • Feathered Gloves: Elegant gloves adorned with feathers, enhancing the costume’s luxurious feel and adding a layer of sophistication.
  • Feathered Legs: Feathered leg accessories that add drama and continuity to the theme, emphasizing movement with every step.
  • Ivy Collar: An ivy collar that wraps gracefully around the neck, symbolizing growth and the natural world.
  • Essence High Waist Panty: A high-waisted panty from the “Essence” line, designed for comfort and style, featuring additional decorations that resonate with the quartz theme.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Step into Caribana adorned in the “Quartz” line costume and shine like the precious stone you represent. This ensemble is not just a costume but a statement of elegance and mystical charm. Let the rhythm of the festival inspire your steps, as you become a beacon of style and sophistication. Join the celebration, showcase your unique spirit, and let the “Quartz” line enhance your Caribana experience to dazzling heights.

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