YTM "Aura" Male Backline


YTM “Aura” Male Backline



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Overview: Step into the vibrant energy of Caribana with the “Aura” Male Back Line costume. Designed for those who embody the dynamic spirit of the festival, this costume merges traditional masculinity with the festive essence of Caribana. It’s perfect for participants who are ready to express their vibrant energy and charisma.


  • Shorts: Comfortable and stylish shorts designed for freedom of movement and lasting wear throughout the festival.
  • Chest Piece: A robust chest piece that accentuates the masculine form while adding a dramatic touch to the costume.
  • Arm Pieces: Coordinated arm pieces that enhance the costume’s powerful aura, adding both style and protection.
  • Leg Pieces: Dynamic leg pieces that maintain continuity with the costume’s theme, emphasizing strength and agility.
  • Waist Piece: A distinct waist piece that ties the elements of the costume together, highlighting the wearer’s physique.
  • Head Band: A simple yet striking head band that complements the overall look, completing the ensemble with a touch of festival flair.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Embrace the “Aura” Male Back Line costume and step into Caribana as a symbol of festivity’s energetic spirit. This costume not only enhances your parade presence but also channels the celebratory vibe of the event, inviting all to join in the dance of joy and unity. Are you ready to lead with your vibrant aura and captivate the crowd, standing out as a pivotal figure in the festivities?

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