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YTM “Vine” Male BackLine



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Vine Male BackLine Costume

Overview: Embrace the vigor and resilience of nature with the “Vine” Male Back Line costume. This robust ensemble is perfectly crafted for those who wish to showcase their strength and connection to the natural world during the vibrant festivities of Caribana.


  • Shorts: Comfortable and stylish shorts designed to provide freedom of movement and durability throughout the carnival.
  • Chest Piece: A striking chest piece that serves as the costume’s centerpiece, reflecting the robust beauty of vine-like textures.
  • Arm Pieces: Coordinating arm pieces that enhance the costume’s thematic expression of natural endurance.
  • Leg Pieces: Complementary leg pieces that tie the entire look together, echoing the costume’s vine-inspired motif.
  • Head Band: A simple yet effective head band that tops off the ensemble with a nod to traditional carnival aesthetics.

Become the Icon of Caribana: Join the Caribana festivities as a symbol of nature’s enduring spirit with the “Vine” Male Back Line costume. This costume not only allows you to move with the rhythms of the earth but also ensures you stand out as an icon of power and natural harmony. Gear up in the “Vine” costume and become a pivotal part of the carnival’s dynamic tapestry.

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