Toronto Caribana 2024


Champagne Chandelier

Celebrate with the Spirit of Carnival

Champagne Chandelier, born from the heart of Caribana, radiates joy and the sparkle of celebration. Adorned in shimmering champagne hues, she reflects the golden glow of laughter and unity. Her presence energizes the air, inviting all to join the universal dance of happiness. This embodiment of Carnival is a bold statement of beauty, confidence, and unapologetic joy. This Caribana, are you ready to become the soul of the parade? Embrace the spirit and let the celebrations carry you away.

Jade Ivy

Embrace the Mystique of Nature’s Guardian

Jade Ivy, guardian of nature, interlaces mystical jade energies within her essence. She radiates an ethereal glow of harmony, protection, and prosperity. With each step, she casts spells of growth, leaving trails of sparkling jade under carnival lights. Yet, beware her Poison Ivy allure—a beacon of fortune for the respectful, and playful mischief for the unwary. This Caribana, are you ready to embody the spirit of Jade Ivy? Transform into an icon of power and beauty, and let the rhythm of nature move you.

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